Mysterious Shadows

Mysterious Shadows

SKU: RC1022

Feel the magical energy from this dazzling display of shadows and #forest greenery! 

Photo captured while hiking in Myers Flat, California.

Repurposed fence boards provided a perfect color contrast in this scene.

  • 100% handcrafted artwork for a personal touch
  • Unstained 16" x 20" frame
  • Frame constructed from local fence boards for a rustic look
  • Acid-free archival canvas and acid-free adhesive used for durability
  • Acrylic coating added to canvas for protection
  • Canvas is discretely watermarked with the MSP logo
  • Corrugated sheet metal is polished for a sleek look
  • Frame is equipped with beehive hangers for several hanging options
  • Back of frame signed by artist
  • #nature