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  • Do you sell the frames separately?
    We don't. The frames are part of the finished art piece: a canvas nature photo attached onto corrugated sheet metal and mounted to a frame. It is a complete unit of art.
  • Where do you find the wood to make your frames?
    We collect discarded pallets and miscellaneous boards from local businesses around the Reno-Tahoe-Sparks area.
  • What type of pallets do you use?
    We collect and use HT (heat treated) pallets ONLY, we never use chemically treated pallets.
  • What kind of wood is used to make the pallet frames?
    Due to the diversity of trees used to create pallets at the source, it is very difficult to determine what type of wood was specifically used to create your frame. According to one of my favorite websites,, '...the wood used to make wooden pallets and crates can typically be divided into three categories. High-density hardwood: Birch, Cherry, Oak, Maple, Ash, Beech, Yellow Birch, Elm, and Red Maple. Low-density hardwood: Walnut, Poplar, Willow, Linden and Aspen. Softwood: Cedar, Cypress, Spruce, Pine, Hemlock, and Fir'
  • What size are the frames?
    Frames are approximately 16" x 20" and 14.5" x 12.5", depending on the pre-existing features of the upcycled wood. We try to retain the rustic quality as much as possible, e.g. nail holes, burn marks, etc.
  • What kind of canvas do you use for the photos?
    We use only Epson premium archival canvas for all your nature art.
  • Do you use anything to protect the canvas?
    We use a low-gloss, non-yellowing, moisture-resistant, acrylic spray on each canvas photo
  • Are the edges of the sheet metal sharp?
    Not at all! We polish each piece to the point WE can run our finger along the edge without injury. ;)
  • How do I care for my Mika Skye nature art?
    Please keep your nature art away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.
  • How do I hang my art if it has the Beehive Plates instead of the wire?
    Just look for the giant, green tootsie roll that arrived with your piece! Wrapped inside a roll of green bubble wrap, jute twine, and sealed with a MS sticker, you will find the 2 support pins which insert into your wall. Simply remove the discs of recycled wine cork from the support pins. Insert the pins into your wall where desired. Then, choose which holes on the beehive hanger plates on the back of your frame that you prefer! Let us know if you have any further questions. :)
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Unfortunately, at this time we do not ship internationally. However, we do look forward to being able to provide this service in the near future!
  • Do you accept custom orders?
    Since we are a small business, please submit your idea to our email and we will look it over.
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