When you are too busy to visit nature,
Mika Skye brings nature to you.
The origins and concept of Mika Skye...
Working in an office cubicle for several years, I frequently turned to nature images to help alleviate my stress by pinning photos to my cubicle walls. My goal is to share not only the raw beauty of nature with you, but also to provide the freedom it offers each time we head out on an adventure. I truly feel that staying connected to nature, no matter how it is achieved, is vital to our well being.
Being an entrepreneur and small business owner, I believe in supporting local small businesses whenever possible, and also prefer to use locally sourced reclaimed wood for constructing the frames you see in our shop. I am also a U.S. Navy Reservist with the Seabees, which has provided me with the skillsets needed to create the frames and corrugated metal sheets in my shop. Can Do!
In 2016, I created the concept for Mika Skye Photography; however, the inspiration 
started many years ago. My fascination with nature photography grew quickly after borrowing my dad's old box camera during a family vacation. Combined with my interest in biology, capturing nature images satisfies my addiction to be surrounded by Mother Nature and explore the outdoors. Although, there is a special place in my heart and lens for the high-desert of the west, Nevada in particular.
Get Outdoors and Happy Trekking!
Marla Kirschbaum
Founder / Owner / Photographer
Mika Skye Photography
That's me! Holding a horned lizard (Phrynosoma). 
Utah 2006
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